Frequency 137 | Chapter 1 | Schumann

Today, December 29, 2106, is my eighteenth birthday. As I laid in bed staring at my bleak ceiling, I came to the realization that today would be my last day in Frequency 107. In 1970, a President of the United States of America named Nick Dixon thought it would be more beneficial for humankind to explore unknown frequencies, instead of focusing on the Space Race. NASA was shut down in May of 1969 because of this. Who knows, maybe we would have landed on the moon. Since then, every generation would inhabit the same frequency as their parents up until the age of eighteen, hence my journey to Frequency 137 beginning today. It will be civilization’s 137th attempt to get something right.

As far back as I can remember, my education was geared towards the study of frequencies; everything from the obsolete World Wide Web of the late-1900’s, to the induction motor found in omni-vehicles, or omni for short. One thing that always fascinated me during my education was the differentiation between microarchitecture and macroarchitecture. With an increasing abundance of  architectures in people’s lives, a distinction was made between microarchitecture, the foundations of our digital user interfaces; and macroarchitecture, the physical construction of space; macroarchitecture always interested me the most though.

I am the first of my family to venture off to another frequency. My younger brother and three younger sisters are the next in line; Hertz, 16; Prism, 13; Quen, 10; Opal, 6. My parents, James and Marie, told me that they were excited for my departure, but as I made my way down the lift, I could tell that they didn’t sleep at all last night by the dark bags under their eyes. On the other hand, it seemed that my siblings slept well because they were extremely chipper. But they had also been up all night, however, they were imagining about the frequencies they would get to go to. This made my parents even more uneasy. “Have you packed all of your things?”, my mother asked in a trembling voice. “For the most part.”, I said. She wasn’t concerned about them being packed for my departure, she just knew that they would be gone forever the moment I left; they were to be donated to the Memory Bank. You don’t take anything with you when you go to a different frequency; you leave every item behind except your passport and the clothing you wish to wear during your travels. From my family’s perspective, I will merely be a memory of what once was; an ever-present existence in the past.

As I calmly stood on the sidewalk outside of my home; my family standing closely together behind me; my eyes slowly resting shut; my lungs filling gradually; waiting for my omni to arrive, I reminisced about the two times I saw omnis during their brief visit to 107 while they were picking up others. They are always around, however, their routes travel on the cusp of Frequencies, making them hard to spot. I never understood how they knew when and where to pick up the next person. There are myths that say you are subconsciously designing your omni and future frequency as you grow up. If that’s so, that would mean that my siblings were subconsciously designing theirs last night. I suddenly felt the need to open my eyes, but there was nothing to be seen. I could’ve sworn something or someone was there. I looked back at my family, and they just smiled. The feeling came back again and when I turned around, it was here; it was here for me. As the omni floated above the dirt street and I noticed that my name was scrolling across the lower portion “…S-P-E-C-T-R-E…” I stepped forward and the door opened, revealing a vast array of three-dimensional white pixels. When I got inside the omni and sat down, the pixels gravitated towards me. Once the door shut, my body subsumed the pixels and all went dark.

The image of my family smiling glimpsed across my mind’s eye. A recent, but for some reason, now murky memory. I tried to look around the interior of the omni, but the darkness reigned. The pixels began to pulse slowly within my body; illuminating the interior with each pulse. At first they were randomized sequences, but it soon synchronized with my wavelength and illumined the interior a flat grey. My eyes steadily regained focus and I saw some sort of small script floating. Wherever I moved my head, there it was. I leaned forward to get a better look at what it said, but it maintained its distance of about five meters. If I couldn’t get closer to it I couldn’t ever read it because it was so minute. I tried again, but this time without moving my body. I focused carefully on the script and it began to move closer to me. I kept my focus up until about two meters when I could finally read what it said: “I am light, I shall remain light, and there is no time.” I read it aloud and the omni began to make an increasing hum. It maxed out at 7.83 hertz; it was the Schumann resonance.