Linear View


In this, still ongoing, series of illustrations I try to create landscapes and depth just by using lines. For most of my works I begin by making a set of rules that I have to work with and in this case the rules were quite simple; create a picture by repeating a certain line over and over. It doesn’t have to be precise, sometimes repeating what first was a deviation leads to a more interesting landscape. By using the same line thickness for the scenery up close as the landscape that is further away I try to create an opposite effect of depth which challenges the viewer to focus more on what’s really going on. Real depth is just an illusion. Most of the sceneries seen in the drawings are created randomly, the ones that aren’t are mostly copies of holiday pictures taken by friends. I live in the Netherlands, a country known for it’s flatness. The view I see when I look out my window isn’t one that inspires me to draw mountain-filled landscapes, it comes from memories of travels made in the past and a desire to see more of the world.

Linear-View---Grid-1 Linear-View---Grid-2 Linear-View---Grid-3 Linear-View-II