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Architectural Technologization

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Jorge Denis, Liba Kakoun, Maud Lévy & Antoine VercoutèreAlberto de SalvatierraCenk GuzelisMichelle PannoneHabeeb Muhammad, Tyson PhillipsAnna Mill & Luke JonesSevki Topcu, Maryia Virshych, and Abel Zatarain.

While technology contributes to the betterment of many issues in the physical architectural realm, i.e., sustainability, efficiency, fabrication methodologies, etc., it has become commonplace for it to be added as an element of entertainment value. How technology is negatively impacting architecture, and in turn society, has generally gone unnoticed. The future of architecture could either enhance the lives of those inhabiting it or diminish it by further engrossing them in technology as a diversion from the lack of solutions.

Does augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), or virtual reality (VR) merit the same gusto as travelling to different parts of the globe? Will VR reach a technological point at which architects can completely neglect physical space? If a window, or opening, is a historical architectural technology used to observe the outside world, is a view still a requisite when devices can supply an alternate? Has architecture traversed into the digital realm, and if so, is it there to stay? How does architectural experience change when it is experienced via a personal electronic device? Has the experiential aspect of architecture been altered beyond repair? Architectural works, built and unbuilt, thrive when experienced on a device, but are they truly experienced? Is contemporary architectural practice infatuated with technology because it can distract users from how fatuous the end-product is? What are the social, political, economic motives for technologizing neighborhood X whilst leaving neighborhood Y and Z in the past?

In order to analyze the global interdisciplinary impact of this topic, forwward seeks unpublished content, including, but not limited to, poetry, short essays, photo, video, conceptual architecture, painting, digital, analog – whatever is best suited for your expression.

General Requirements

Content must be unpublished, including, but not limited to, poetry, short essays, photo, video, conceptual architecture, painting, digital, analog – whatever you feel is best suited for your expression.


All text submissions, except poetry, must be 500 words minimum (not including title, author, etc.), double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman.


1 paragraph description minimum, low-res (72PPI) (high-res will be requested if selected)


1 paragraph description minimum, low-res (72PPI) still frames (high-res will be requested if selected) and private link to video content


It is the author’s responsibility to supply accurate information for credits. Please contact the appropriate parties to confirm the usage of content that is not your own.


Please upload a single PDF (max. 5MB) containing the following:

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