Forrest Whitmore

Is: mapping topographical data to piano key values in an effort to compose emotive musical landscapes.
Reading: Art and Architecture in Mexico by James Oles & The Birth Partner by Penny Simkin.
Joined fwwd: to compress the cultural & interdisciplinary boundaries of creative fields while mindfully learning from others.

Juris Flores (sivartextures)

Is: exploring the relationship between cities and the visuals (particularly in El Salvador). Maps and collages are produced by researching/combining their urban characteristics to their environmental and socio-political context.
Reading: Landscape as Urbanism: A General Theory by Charles Waldheim.
Joined fwwd: to further explore the socioeconomic factors that are reflected in our contemporary architecture and urbanism.

Abel Zatarain (aux-lab)

Is: analyzing the narrative prosthetic devices of Game of Thrones (spoilers: Arya’s masks, Jaime’s golden hand, and Bran’s wheelchair).
Reading: 20 Minutes in Manhattan by Michael Sorkin & Fall of the Roman Republic by Plutarch.
Joined fwwd: to engage the greater public in the discourses of technology, architecture, and design.